Do any of the following conditions exist on your Wire Rope?

  • Wire rope shows any evidence of kinking, crushing, or distortion of rope structure
  • Wire rope has more than six broken wires in any one lay
  • The wire rope has not been properly lubed throughout its life on the machine
  • Wire rope has more than one broken wire at any dead end

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it’s time to purchase new wire rope for your Marine Travelift Boat Hoist.

Wire Rope

We are all looking for money saving ideas when it comes to running our businesses. From a service standpoint, wire rope maintenance is one way that every marina or boatyard can find long-term maintenance savings. The wire ropes on your mobile boat hoist make up a critical, and expensive, component of the overall safety and performance of your lift. Replacement of wire ropes is inevitable on any piece of equipment, but the frequency of such a service is completely in your control. To help explain how to extend the life of these important items, it is first important to know their basics.

The wire ropes on your machine have three basic components:

  1. Wires which form the strands and collectively provide most of the rope strength
  2. The strands, which are laid around the core
  3. The core, which forms the foundation for the strands

The core is actually a smaller rope, which is similar in looks to the outer strands. Each wire rope is made this way in order to provide maximum lifting strength and to help prevent crushing damage to the outer strands.

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