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Slings are one of the most vital parts of any Marine Travelift. Inspecting and replacing the slings is imperative to securing the safety and productivity of your lift.  If you or one of your crew sees any of the following indicated on your slings, please contact us immediately.

Slings must be removed from service if any of the following damage exists:
  •  Missing or illegible sling identification. OSHA requires all web slings to show rated capacities and type of material
  •  Acid or caustic burns
  •  Melting or charring of any part of sling
  •  Holes, tears or snags
  •  Abrasive wear
  •  Knots in any part of the sling
  •  Excessive pitting or corrosion, cracked, distorted, or broken fittings
  •  Other visible damage that causes doubt as to the strength of the sling
  •  Visible red tracer threads


New Sling Features
  • Longer sling disconnect fingers
  • Now longer for easier pin insertion, important especially during cold weather
  • Shackle eyes & sling pin fingers now fully wrapped for protection
  • Protects the nylon sling when the fingers accidently rub on ground and protects the eyes from the shackles wearing the nylon. Increases the life of the sling
  • Protective flap over the sling pin disconnect
  • Protects the sling pin fingers from wear from the vessel and protects the vessel from the pin and fingers rubbing against hull. Lengthens the life of the sling. Can be ordered without as well.
  • All Travelift Slings meet tough safety standards
  • Travelift slings built with an industry leading 5 to 1 safety ratio. So tough they meet ANSI and WSTDA standards. Watch out for cheaper slings that do not have these important safety factors built in. Helps keep employees and customer’s boats safe.